Sriven Systems offers a variety of business models to suit its clients outsourcing strategy. Sriven Systems brings the advantages of operating from US, coupled with its expertise and knowledge of communications technologies to its customers, thereby providing its customers with cost-effective high technology outsourcing solutions

These are:

  • Onsite
  • Offshore
    • Fixed price Turnkey
    • Time and Material
  • Extended Development Center
  • Dedicated Development Center

SSI is continuously identifying, researching and defining models and economic systems that are essential for collective growth. Through this approach, SSI is willing to adopt any innovative business-engagement model that shall help its clients achieve their objectives and establish a mutually beneficial association.

Onsite resourcing model

The customer opts for this model when duration and nature associated with the assignment involve consultants' effort-investment at the client site. The structured reporting mechanism reduces risks associated with personal exigencies and helps accumulate knowledge. The client is billed on the basis of actual man months spent on executing the project at pre-decided rates.


Offshore Model

The customer opts for this model when the scope, specification and implementation plan of the project is not defined in an explicit manner. The client is charged on a pre-decided man month rate.


Fixed price Turnkey

This execution model primarily suits customers with clearly specified requirements and well-defined project path. In this low-risk option, the customer pays a pre-negotiated fixed amount and the SSI team ensures quality delivery of the project within a pre-scheduled time frame. Typically the Functional Specification/High Level Design phase is carried out of the client site and then the System Integration and Testing is completed at the client site.
The typical steps followed in this model are:

  • The activity gets initiated with the requirement definition being communicated by the client.
  • SSI responds with an understanding of the requirements.
  • SSI quotes for a Fixed Price for the development.
  • The project plans are drawn up on acceptance of the proposal by the client.
  • SSI manages the development environment.
  • SSI manages the complete development. The customer is kept informed and also involved in the reviews. The customer is provided with complete transparency in the project based on his/her needs.
  • The acceptance is carried out by the customer and SSI provides help at customer site during this period.
  • SSI continues its services during field trials and after release, as desired by the customer.
  • The post-release maintenance services take care of the enhancements and bug fixes, if required.


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