SRIVEN SYSTEMS portfolio of clients shows the width and depth of the organization's solutions-orientation. The range extends from EMC to more recent clients like The OCC. Sriven Systems consciously targets companies that are in the financial services/insurance, telecom, transportation and government sectors. Our credo has won for Sriven Systems the continued clientele of customers who value the team's deep technical knowledge, cost propositions, professionalism and senior level resources. Behind this blue-chip roster of prestigious clients, is Sriven System's track record of forging long-term, deep relationships with them, across repeat business orders and multiple services.

Following is a list of some of our clients:

Guidant Corporation Document Sciences Corporation
Drive stream Inc.   E* Trade Financial
Mckinsey Financials   Business Software Alliance Inc
Florida Community College   RCI
Blue Hammock/ Honeywell   American Sporting Goods
Roadrunner Sports   NY Department of EDU
Tallan Inc   Wellington Management Company
State Street Bank   The OCC
Bank of NY   Toshiba
Citi Group
Network Services   Bristol Mayor Squibs, CT
Delta Airlines   Welch's
NPD Group   FedEx
Vytra Health Plans   SSA Global
Union Telecard Alliance   Tetra Tech Inc
Quest Diagnostics   A division of IDT Corporation

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