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Our unified development process, supported by our flexible client engagement model, our proven onsite-offshore development methodology, and our quality management system, shortens the application development timeframes providing significant business benefits to our clients.

We provide both end-to-end solutions (analysis to maintenance) and specific design/development services. These are supplemented by our vast expertise in design and development of host-centric or n-tier client-server architecture across a wide variety environments. Our expertise helps us to incorporate best-of-the-breed tools and techniques in the software development life cycle.

SSI Provides A Wide Range Of Services To Product Development Companies, Based On A Combination Of Product Design, And IT Skills.

Solid design, good coding practices, thorough debugging, and adequate documentation are important aspects of any successful software project. One other equally crucial component in the development life cycle is the completion of comprehensive testing prior to rollout. Increasingly, software testing has become harder to carry out — not for lack of tools, but because of the changes in our computing environments, which now contain components on disparate platforms that may often be difficult to test.

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SSI Provides A Wide Range Of Services To Product Development Companies, Based On A Combination Of Product Design, And IT Skills.
Internet Technologies - Java / IIOP, Servlets, EJB, XML, JSP
Microsoft Technologies - Visual C++/Visual Basic/ASP, COM/DCOM/MTS
Database Engines - Oracle, SQL Server, Informix, Sybase


SSI has wide experience in the design and development of systems using client server architecture with Windows based clients and UNIX/Windows-NT based servers. The software development is being carried out using both procedure oriented as well as object oriented methodologies. Several case tools for database design, object oriented analysis and design and testing are utilized in the development process.

As a company we are unique in our abilities to serve you based on our breadth of choice, depth of expertise, quality, timeliness and global presence. We can either work from the written specifications and can assist you in preparing the specifications or can work together to complement your technical workforce.

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Almost All Of The Software Development Projects Have The Following Life-Cycle Components

Software Requirement & Analysis

System Development & Scripting

Functional Specification Development

Alpha & Beta Testing

Design Specification Development

Acceptance By Client

Prototype Model Generation


Low-Level Design

Prototype Model Generation

On The Basis Of Design And Functionality Specifications Of The Project We Prepare :
SDL Diagram (Software Development Language) And Complete Project Description.
Project Quote Or Hourly Rate.
Project Stages.
Terms Of The Project.
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Application Maintenance

SWe manage a wide variety of applications for clients through our maintenance operations. We have successfully maintained our clients systems irrespective of complications such as the system age, poor documentation and lack of expertise in the relevant technologies. Our mature application maintenance process includes three inter-linked processes — adaptive maintenance, preventive maintenance, and corrective maintenance. Our comprehensive methodology for application maintenance captures the functionality and processes for the entire sustenance life cycle

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